Why Opt for Cosmetic Bonding to Transform Your Smile?

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When meeting people, one of the first things they’ll notice about you is your smile. Thus, it would help if you keep your teeth in the best possible condition. It can be a severe blow to your confidence to have chipped, crooked, or discolored teeth to deal with. Aside from being unaesthetic, these problems can also interfere with the functionality of your teeth.

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If you have these problems, contact us at Aqua Dental Loft for treatment. One of the treatments we offer in dealing with these minor teeth imperfections is cosmetic bonding. Are you curious about how this treatment can benefit you? Continue reading below to know how dental bonding helps in improving your smile.

Cosmetic bonding preserves tooth enamel

The enamel is responsible for protecting the inner and sensitive layers of your teeth. That is why it is essential to make sure that the enamel stays undamaged. That is because, once your enamel is gone, it won’t be growing back. Thus, it is essential to avail of treatments like cosmetic bonding since little to no enamel is removed during the process of its application. Since more of the natural tooth is preserved, its health and structure remain intact.

Cosmetic bonding is a painless treatment

When it comes to cosmetic bonding, patients rarely feel any pain when undergoing the procedure. This is excellent news for those who are very sensitive to pain. The dentist will be using a numbing agent if the area to be treated has cavities. Compared to other dental procedures that are painful and invasive, the process involved in cosmetic bonding is a breeze. 

Cosmetic bonding is a straightforward procedure

Compared to other dental treatments, cosmetic bonding is extremely simple. Generally, the procedure can be completed in just a single dental visit. Meanwhile, other restoration options need to be manufactured in a laboratory before they can be installed. You can expect the entire bonding procedure to be completed in as fast as 30 minutes to one hour.


Smile confidently once more with the help of Cosmetic Bonding offered under Cosmetic Dentistry in Boca Raton, FL! Schedule your appointment with us at Aqua Dental Loft, so we can transform your smile into the best it can be. Find us at 7050 W. Palmetto Park Rd. #52, Boca Raton, FL 33433.