Facts You Must Know About Root Canal Treatment

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Root canal treatment is a procedure that eliminates bacteria from the infected root canal, protects the tooth from reinfection, and saves the natural tooth. During the process, the inflamed or infected tooth will be removed. The inside of the tooth will then be carefully cleaned, disinfected, then filled and sealed. 

root canal surgery

If you are about to undergo this procedure, Aqua Dental Loft has compiled some facts that will help you understand a root canal treatment. These facts will be discussed below: 

You shouldn’t cancel your root canal treatment when the pain subsides

Your tooth pulp is painful because of nerves and blood vessels packed inside it. If ever the pain subsides, don’t let it trick you into delaying your root canal treatment because the infection is still there. As your pulp begins to die, the pain will often disappear. However, this will be followed by oozing pus, and facial swelling as the infection travels down to your roots. Do not postpone your treatment due to the lack of pain. 

Your tooth must be protected after the treatment

Once your root canal treatment is done, your dentist will often place a temporary filling in your tooth. Later on, a permanent crown or filling will be added at another appointment. Remember to protect your tooth and the temporary filling because they are at high risk of fracture before the full restoration.

Root canal treatment is not supposed to be painful 

People often think that pain and root canal treatments go hand in hand. However, this dental treatment is designed to relieve pain instead of causing more. You will receive sedation before the procedure to numb the tooth and the areas affected. Due to this, the process should feel more like having a cavity filled. 

You shouldn’t choose tooth extraction over root canal treatment

When your tooth pulp is infected, the only alternative to a root canal treatment is tooth extraction. This is not encouraged because removing one tooth can cause your other teeth to shift. This will alter your bite and affect the quality of your smile.

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