Problems That Can Occur Due to Tooth Loss and Its Solution in Boca Raton, FL

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Tooth loss is a common condition experienced by many due to several factors like aging, gum disease, and tooth decay. Unfortunately, its occurrence does not merely leave a gap in the mouth; if left unattended, it can significantly affect one’s daily life. That is why every patient should know why addressing the issue as early as possible is essential.


General Dentistry


Not only does missing teeth make a person appear unattractive; it also affects their confidence, especially when with other people. Although appearance is of high importance, there are other reasons why having a lost tooth restored is essential. Find out below!

Proper Digestion

Teeth are undoubtedly necessary for biting, chewing, and grinding foods in the mouth. Losing a tooth or two affects how these actions are correctly performed. Seniors who have a few teeth left tend to settle for soft foods which unfortunately has lesser nutritional value. Tooth loss makes it difficult for some people to eat certain foods which contain an adequate amount of nutrition needed on a daily basis.


The tongue, lips, cheeks, and teeth play an essential role in a person’s speech. They work together to produce clear and proper sounds when talking. Once something is not in place, it can adversely affect speech. People who have lost a tooth or two may notice some changes in the way they speak, and others may even have trouble in pronouncing certain words.

Teeth Shifting

Having perfectly aligned teeth keeps each structure stable. Once a tooth is lost, the surrounding teeth will begin to shift into the site of the gap. It could then result in the changes on one’s bite or can even lead to the development of complications like decay and gum disease.

Facial changes

Tooth loss in any portion of the jaw can cause the bone to deteriorate slowly, causing the muscles to sag. Its occurrence could potentially make a patient appear older.

TMJ Disorder

The joints that are located at either side of the head helps with chewing and jaw movements; these are called temporomandibular joints or TMJ. Any changes to the structures where it is connected like tooth loss and jaw deterioration can result in lots of pain.

We totally understand the consequences of leaving a lost tooth for granted. To prevent these problems from developing, visit us at Aqua Dental Loft to discuss the options for teeth restorations. We offer removable dentures using stabilization implants and fixed dentures depending on your preference and needs!


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