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Tooth loss is a serious oral health issue that affects people from all walks of life. Not only do missing teeth detract from the look of a person’s smile, but the problem can also make regular tasks like chewing food and speaking extraordinarily difficult. Additionally, when tooth loss is left untreated, it can lead to other issues like facial structure loss and jawbone deterioration. Fortunately, installing dental implants can serve as an effective way of dealing with missing teeth.

A dental implant consists of a titanium metal framework that is surgically inserted into, or occasionally on top of, a person’s jawbone. This framework can support dental crowns, bridges or dentures as needed, thereby replacing the lost teeth. Since dental implants provide the same functions as natural tooth roots, most people with dental implants say that their replacement teeth feel exactly the same as their original ones. Our practice supports subperiosteal implants, endosteal implants, teeth-in-a-day procedures and all-on-four implants.

Subperiosteal Implants

A subperiosteal implant is a special type of framework that is applied over the surface of a person’s jawbone. This framework secures a supporting post that is used to maintain a dental crown, bridge or denture as needed. Since subperiosteal implants are not actually inserted into the jawbone, they are often used when a patient has a jawbone that is too weak to support other types of implants. This can often allow a patient with a damaged jawbone to receive dental implants without having to undergo a bone grafting procedure.

Endosteal Implants

Endosteal implants are used to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth by using a titanium foundation that is inserted into a person’s jawbone. This foundation will be specifically designed to support a crown, bridge or denture, depending upon the needs of the patient. Since endosteal implants are inserted into the jawbone itself, they generally feel remarkably natural, and they provide outstanding support for replacement teeth.

Teeth-in-a-Day Procedures

Teeth-in-a-day is a unique type of dental implant procedure that allows a patient to receive a new tooth or an entirely new set of teeth in just one day. In some cases, the new teeth can even be installed immediately following an extraction procedure. This type of procedure generally starts by installing dental implants using a minimally invasive procedure. Following the procedure, a temporary restoration will be applied, providing the patient with a new tooth or an entirely new set of natural-looking teeth in just one day. Once a permanent dental crown or a full set of customized teeth has been created, the patient will have the temporary restoration removed, and their permanent teeth with be applied. The teeth-in-a-day procedure is great for patients who require an immediate restoration following unexpected tooth loss.

All-on-4 Implants

Using just four strategically placed titanium metal dental implants, all-on-four implants are designed to replace an entire top or bottom row of missing teeth. These four implants are secured inside the patient’s jawbone, keeping their new teeth steady and secure at all times. With their simplicity and overall great performance, all-on-four implants are becoming one of the most popular types of dental implants available today.

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Anne-Marie S.

Dr. Casey is so AMAZING! So professional he explained everything and listened to my concerns, my fillings were painless, I did not feel a thing and they are actually pretty, you would never know they are there. I also just had my teeth cleaned today; my teeth have never been so clean. I highly recommend the office, staff is so friendly and courteous I will never go anywhere else. 😁
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Bianca L.

Dr. Casey is simply the very best dentist I have ever met. He’s gentle and caring. I’m always greeted by name by the receptionist. The staff is friendly and professional. During procedures, my comfort level is of primary concern.
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Nicole R.

Dr. Jamily Pedro and Dr. Casey Pedro are AMAZING dentists. They are kind, caring, informative, and very knowledgeable. Never in my life have I had a dentist that actually takes the time to properly explain things to me, or teach me about preventative care, etc. They are also wonderful with my children and put them at ease when they are nervous. The office is state of the art and very cleanly. I highly recommend this dental practice.
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